The Delve Campaign

Session 11

An explosive situation

Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot

Date: November 5th, 2011

DM: Tibis
Players: Brillig, Billy, Ellen, eXalos
Characters: Buzz, Billy’s character, Ellen’s character, Morgana
Filler characters: Rock (died)
Delve level: 1

As part of the Adventurer’s Guild’s mandate includes assisting the City Watch with maintaining law and order, a detachment of new recruits is sent to keep an eye on the carousing going on in town, and to investigate anything suspicious.

Encounter 1 – Bar Brawl (Level 1 – 575 exp)

8 Human Thugs – Level 1 Minion (25 exp each)
3 Human Ruffians – Level 2 Skirmisher (125 exp each)

The party is attacked at a bar, and is forced to defend themselves. After the dust settled, a strange coded note was found, which the party takes to a sage. However, the sage couldn’t work out the cipher used, and the party is left none the wiser…

Encounter 2 – Alley Ambush (Level 3 – 850 exp)

4 Elf Archers (reflavoured as Human archers) – Level 2 Artillery (125 exp each)
2 Human Berserkers – Level 4 Brute (175 exp each)

The party is is ambushed in an alley, where archers rained down arrows on their heads while berserkers tied them up on the group! With difficulty, the party prevails and another note is found along with a cipher key. They take them back to the sage, and find a promise to deliver a large amount of explosives to a cellar underneath the town hall, and that the conspirators plan to set it off that very night!

Encounter 3 – Gunpowder, treason and plot (Level 3 – 850 exp)

4 Human Ruffians – Level 2 Skirmisher (125 exp each)
Guido (Guy) Fawkes – Level 4 Elite Soldier (Leader) (350 exp)

The party confronts the fanatical conspirator and his cohorts in a cellar full of barrels of gunpowder! They take him down, but his dying reprisal fells poor Rock. And as the authorities clear up the mess, some questions remain — why did someone want to blow up the city hall? And who were they working for?


Experience points:

  • Encounters: 2275 exp
  • Bonus: 1000 exp
  • Total: 3275 exp
  • Per character: 655 exp (divided 5 ways) or 818 exp (divided 4 ways)

There is uncertainty whether the experience points should be divided five ways (ie to take into account that there were five characters who contributed to all three encounters) or four ways (to the survivors the spoils).


Administrative Details

  • Rock fell, noone else died.



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