The Delve Campaign

Session 1
In Which We Start Testing the Concept

DM: Brillig
Players: Tibis, Ausomtiger, eXalos
Characters: Jonquist, [ Ausomtiger’s fighter ], [ eXalos’ ranger ]
Filler Characters used: Mord, Wiz
Delve Level: 1

Total exp:

  • Encounter 1: 500 exp
  • Encounter 2: 525 exp
  • Encounter 3: 650 exp
  • Bonus exp: 1000 exp
  • Exp per participating character: 535 exp


The first order of the evening was to roll random attributes for the PCs that have already been created, and one or two other sets for future use. All four players used up their random rolls for April. Most of the sets were discarded as they were suboptimal compared to point-buy.

We then settled down to some serious monster-mashing! Brillig’s self-made Delve was themed around the PCs putting down a nest of marauding kobolds. Apparently the locals were complaining that the raids had been especially troublesome of late since another party of adventurers had killed a black dragon which laired in the swamp.

The first encounter had a number of one-shot spear-and-tripwire traps, with some kobold minions and a couple of kobold trapmasters which were able to trigger the traps when someone tried to jump over the tripwires. Cunning and luck managed to keep the damage received from the traps down and, after clearing out the minions, the party was able to corner and kill the trapmasters.

The second encounter was a more traditional knock-down drag-out fight with a kobold dragonshield defending for two spitting drakes and a couple of range-attacking kobolds. The swampy terrain hampered the PCs ability to reach the ranged mobs, requiring the rogue to take a long way around and others to have to bull through the dragonshield. The ranged attacks from the drakes brought Jonquist down to single digits – and even 1 hit point at one point – before the party could bring the full brutal weight of their melee prowess to bear. However, once the dragonshield was brought down and the ranged opponents were cornered, they were quick to fall.

The third encounter started as another straight fight until the second round, when a Wyrmling Black Dragon decided to join in at the top of the initiative order! The kobolds had apparently managed to rescue an egg from the dead dragon’s lair, and had been raiding to provide it with food. It got into combat, used it’s breath weapon which did quite a lot of damage, then the entire party focused on it, blowing action points and dailies. Remarkably, they managed to bring it down before the end of the initiative order, when a kobold shaman emerged from a nearby hut, dreadfully upset at the dragon’s death. The party, having just disposed of the rest of the kobolds, weathered a couple of ranged attacks from the shaman in order to get close. Once engaged in close combat, it went down quickly.

All three encounters were resolved very quickly – about an hour each – leaving plenty of time for an epic game of Munchkin!


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