The Delve Campaign

Session 1
In Which We Start Testing the Concept

DM: Brillig
Players: Tibis, Ausomtiger, eXalos
Characters: Jonquist, [ Ausomtiger’s fighter ], [ eXalos’ ranger ]
Filler Characters used: Mord, Wiz
Delve Level: 1

Total exp:

  • Encounter 1: 500 exp
  • Encounter 2: 525 exp
  • Encounter 3: 650 exp
  • Bonus exp: 1000 exp
  • Exp per participating character: 535 exp


The first order of the evening was to roll random attributes for the PCs that have already been created, and one or two other sets for future use. All four players used up their random rolls for April. Most of the sets were discarded as they were suboptimal compared to point-buy.

We then settled down to some serious monster-mashing! Brillig’s self-made Delve was themed around the PCs putting down a nest of marauding kobolds. Apparently the locals were complaining that the raids had been especially troublesome of late since another party of adventurers had killed a black dragon which laired in the swamp.

The first encounter had a number of one-shot spear-and-tripwire traps, with some kobold minions and a couple of kobold trapmasters which were able to trigger the traps when someone tried to jump over the tripwires. Cunning and luck managed to keep the damage received from the traps down and, after clearing out the minions, the party was able to corner and kill the trapmasters.

The second encounter was a more traditional knock-down drag-out fight with a kobold dragonshield defending for two spitting drakes and a couple of range-attacking kobolds. The swampy terrain hampered the PCs ability to reach the ranged mobs, requiring the rogue to take a long way around and others to have to bull through the dragonshield. The ranged attacks from the drakes brought Jonquist down to single digits – and even 1 hit point at one point – before the party could bring the full brutal weight of their melee prowess to bear. However, once the dragonshield was brought down and the ranged opponents were cornered, they were quick to fall.

The third encounter started as another straight fight until the second round, when a Wyrmling Black Dragon decided to join in at the top of the initiative order! The kobolds had apparently managed to rescue an egg from the dead dragon’s lair, and had been raiding to provide it with food. It got into combat, used it’s breath weapon which did quite a lot of damage, then the entire party focused on it, blowing action points and dailies. Remarkably, they managed to bring it down before the end of the initiative order, when a kobold shaman emerged from a nearby hut, dreadfully upset at the dragon’s death. The party, having just disposed of the rest of the kobolds, weathered a couple of ranged attacks from the shaman in order to get close. Once engaged in close combat, it went down quickly.

All three encounters were resolved very quickly – about an hour each – leaving plenty of time for an epic game of Munchkin!

Session 2
This seems to work...

NB: This is an incomplete record at the moment due to length of time since the session was held. Details will be added as they can be.

DM: Tibis
Players: Brillig, eXalos
Characters: Drump, Mirame
Filler Characters used: Mord, Wiz, Brick
Delve Level: 1

Total exp:

  • Encounter 1: 500 exp
  • Encounter 2: 625 exp
  • Encounter 3: 798 exp
  • Bonus exp: 1002 exp
  • Exp per participating character: 585 exp
  • Characters that have participated in both sessions will now have 1120 exp and will be level 2.


The characters fought their way through the level 1 delve from the Dungeon Delve book, slaying kobolds and a dragon wyrmling!

Session 3
Dealing with Goblin raiders

DM: Tibis
Players: Brillig, eXalos, Ausomtiger
Characters: Drump, Mirame, Fez
Filler characters used: Mord, Wiz
Delve level: 2

Total exp:

  • Encounter 1: 625 exp
  • Encounter 2: 725 exp
  • Encounter 3: 875 exp
  • Bonus: 1250 exp
  • Exp per participating character: 695 exp



  • 13 Goblin Cutters – level 1 minion skirmisher
  • Big Grigbad – level 3 elite soldier (leader)
  • 3 Decrepit Skeletons – level 1 minion
  • 4 Goblin Sharpshooters – level 2 Artillery
  • Goblin Hexer – level 3 controller (leader)
  • 2 Goblin Blackblades – level 1 lurker
  • Gray Wolf – level 2 skirmisher
  • Bugbear warrior – level 5 brute
  • Goblin Underboss – level 4 elite controller (leader)

Our intrepid adventurers had been begged to deal with a band of goblin raiders that had been plaguing the countryside around an abandoned watchtower.

Kicking in the door to the tower, the party found 13 Goblin Cutters and their sergeant Big Grigbad, the bulk of the raiding force. They quickly take down this force, although Mord – being first in – had a hairy moment being swarmed until Drump managed to bail him out, and they weren’t able to stop the sergeant from banging a gong, warning their colleagues above about the threat from the party.

After a nervous rest, during which the party were able to determine that large chunks of the ceiling / floor of the level above were unsafe and prone to collapse, they headed up some stairs.

There they found a welcoming committee of some Goblin Sharpshooters and their Goblin Hexer spiritual leader, who himself had animated a few Decrepit Skeletons to supplement their force. Under attack from the arrows, the adventurers pressed through and were able to take down the force with little trouble – the Hexer’s best trick, a cloud that gave he and his allies concealment from our heroes, being neatly countered by an all-seeing eye conjured by Drump.

Another rest and they headed upstairs, to deal with the remainder of the threat – a Goblin Underboss with his bugbear bodyguard, lurking assassins and his pet wolf.

After a nasty scrap, the group emerged battered but victorious, and managed to claim the loot.

DMs comments: Fights 1 and 3 were quite nasty. 2 felt ‘meh’ as the skeletons weren’t able to do their task of holding the PCs back long enough for the sharpshooters to inflict much damage, and a couple of awesome Perception rolls negated their combat advantage-granting stealth in any case. Fight 3 I’d toned down a bit from the published version in Dungeon Delve as it originally was level 5, potentially overwhelming for party that had a couple of level 1 members in it still. I removed a pit trap that made no sense (a 10’ pit on the top of a tower? What was the author thinking?!) and I subbed the second wolf for a second Blackblade; changes which brought the encounter level down to 4, much more reasonable. The level 5 bugear was a nasty opponent, but the PCs spotted its threat and worked hard to bring him down quickly.

Overall, lots of fun – and we managed to get Gamma World characters generated and two encounters in that system done as well.

Session 4
Crypt Crawl

DM: Brillig
Players: Ausomtiger, eXalos, Tibis
Characters: Fez, Mirame, Jonquist
Filler Characters: Professor Chaos, and Kenni
Delve level: 2

Session 4 Summary

The “Crypt Crawl” was a level 2 delve written and run by Brillig. It was a fairly straightforward “beat up the undead things” adventure. The setup for the module was “You find a clue about some somewhere that’s supposed to have some treasure or something.” (That’s a direct quote from the write-up.) This delve was very minion heavy with of 26 the 34 monsters being minions. (Or 30 of 38 if you count the crawling gauntlets summoned by the necromancer.)

For this module we used heroscape tiles to map out all 3 encounters. We assumed that 1 hex was equal to 1 square even though the scale was slightly off. Moving upward cost 1 additional point of movement per “level”. In theory, moving up or down too many levels at once would require an athletics check for climbing, but that didn’t come into play.

Session 4 Encounter 1: (Level 2 – 710 exp)

The first encounter was in an open area on the way to the crypt, so the fight started at fairly long range. Initially most of the undead was on the far side of a hill, so they weren’t visible that the start of combat.

  • 10 Pack Zombies – Level 2 Minion (310 exp total)
  • 2 Skullborn Zombies – Level 2 Soldier (250 exp total)
  • 1 Skeletal Archer – Level 3 Artillery (150 exp)

Session 4 Encounter 2: (Level 2 – 730 exp)

For the second encounter undead guarded ruins at the entrance to a narrow canyon.

  • 10 Tomb Motes – Level 3 Minion (380 exp total)
  • 2 Witherlings – Level 4 Skirmisher (350 exp total)

Session 4 Encounter 3: (Level 4 – 900 exp)

The third encounter took place at the end of a box canyon. There the party met and defeated the necromancer causing the area to have “undead issues”. (Note: In addition to the monsters listed below, the necromancer had an encounter power that let it summon 4 crawling gauntlets (level 3 minions). These aren’t counted because they’re included in the necromancer’s exp value.)

  • 1 Dark Creeper Necromancer – Level 5 Elite Skirmisher (400 exp)
  • 2 Ghoul Flesh Seekers – Level 4 Lurker (350 exp total)
  • 6 Decrepit Skeletons – Level 1 Minion (150 exp total)

Experience Point Summary:

Encounter 1: 710
Encounter 2: 730
Encounter 3: 900
Bonus 1: 625
Bonus 2: 625
Total Exp: 3,590 or 718 per character


500gp in gold, silver and misc items (3 parcels combined)
The cash was divided among Fez, Kenni and Jonquist. Fez got 167gp, Kenni got 166gp and Jonquist got 167gp.

The necromancer had a Hidden Dagger +1 – Professor Chaos
The necromancer also had an Amulet of Protection +2 – Mirame

Session 5
eXalos' DM Debut

DM: eXalos
Players: Ausomtiger, Brillig, Tibis
Characters: Fez, Drump, Jonquist
Filler Characters: Professor Chaos, and Kenni

Session 5 Summary

While visiting the town of Harbis

Session 5 Encounter 1: (Level 2 – 700 exp)

  • 8 Archer Cultist – Level 1 Minion Human {25} (200 exp)
  • 2 Human Watchmen – Level 2 Soldier Human {125} (250 exp)
  • 2 Broken Builder Cultist – Level 2 Humanoid {125} (250 exp)


Session 5 Encounter 2: (Level 2 – 739 exp)

  • 3 Human Cultist – Level 6 Minion Human {63} (189 exp)
  • 2 Human Cultist Archers – Level 3 Artillery Human {150} (200 exp)
  • 2 Dark Servant – Level 2 Skirmisher Human {125} (250 exp)


  • 2 – 100 gp Gems found embedded in the eye sockets of the giant cultist statue
  • 90 gp
  • (non treasure) Relic from town found in chest

Session 5 Encounter 3: (Level 3 – 975 exp)

  • 9 Evil Ritualist – Level 1 Minion Human {25} (225 exp)
  • 1 Cult Leader – Level 3 Controller Humanoid (150 exp)
  • 1 Death Cultist Mage – Level 5 Artillery Humanoid (200 exp)
  • 1 Cauldron Corpse – Level 5 Elite Brute Undead Animate (400 exp)

Vengeful Warhammer +1 – Jonquist
Gauntlets of Blood: – Fez

Cash loot was divided as follows:
290gp in cash

  • Value of the healing potions added to the total cash value (390gp).
  • Sum divided between the three players who did not get magic items (130gp per character).
  • Drump got 130gp, Professor Chaos 80gp and Kenni 80gp.
Session 6

Session 6 was the level 3 arena delve that ausomtiger ran.

Encounter 1: 866 exp
Encounter 2: 875 exp
Encounter 3: 862 exp
Bonus exp: 750 exp x 2

4103 total exp, 820 exp per character

Feral Hide Armor +2 – Mirame
Fireheart Tatoo – Jonquist
2 potions of healing – Drump used one of them, Professor Chaos used the other
100gp gem
360gp cash

Brick got 186gp
Drump got 137gp
Professor Chaos got 137gp

Session 7

Session 7 was the level 2.5 “Fools Gold” module run by Brillig.

Encounter 1: 672 exp
Encounter 2: 850 exp
Encounter 3: 950 exp
Bonus exp: 1375 exp

3847 total exp, 769 exp per character

Golden Carrot (Level 5 item)
Forgemaster’s Gloves (Level 6 item)
Safewing Amulet +1 (Level 3 item)
5 – 25gp gems from Carbuncles
9gp from gnome

Mirame got 45gp
Kenni got 44gp
Mord got 45gp

Session 8
Evicting Unwanted Squatters

This session was the adventure Orc Stronghold from the book Dungeon Delve.

DM: Tibis
Players: Ausomtiger, Brian, Brillig, eXalos
Characters: Fez, Mord (used as PC for Brian, not as a filler), Drump, Mirame
Filler character: Brick
Delve level: 3

A gang of Orc raiders has captured a small keep a few miles outside town. Its owner, a minor member of the local aristocracy, came to the Guild imploring them to send a party to evict the unwelcome squatters, in return for being able to loot any items of value they come across.

Encounter 1 – Holding Cells (Level 2 – 650 exp)

  • 2 Fire Beetles – Level 1 Brute {100} (200 exp)
  • 3 Orc Raiders – Level 3 Skirmisher {150} (450 exp)


  • A 100gp ruby secreted in the hollowed-out boot heel of a dead Half-Elf prisoner.

Encounter 2 – Banquet Hall (Level 4 – 915 exp)

  • Orc Berserker – Level 4 Brute (175 exp)
  • 10 Orc Drudges – Level 4 Minion {44} (440 exp)
  • Orc Eye of Gruumsh – Level 5 Controller (Leader) (200 exp)
  • False Floot Pit (Trap) – Level 1 Warder (100 exp)


Encounter 3 – The Barracks (Level 6 – 1250 exp)

  • Orc Chieftain – Level 8 Elite Brute (Leader) (700 exp)
  • 2 Orc Berserkers – Level 4 Brute {175} (350 exp)
  • Dire Wolf – Level 5 Skirmisher (200 exp)



Experience points:

  • Encounters: 2815 exp
  • Bonus: 1500 exp
  • Total: 4315 exp
  • Per character: 863 exp


  • +2 Finemail – Fez
  • +1 Longspear of Great opportunity – Brick
  • 590gp split between Drump, Mord and Mirame:
    • 196gp to Mirame
    • 197gp to Drump
    • 197gp to Mord

DM’s note: this session was a little light on cash loot as bonus cash parcels weren’t accounted for.

Administrative details

  • Ausomtiger rolled two sets of random attributes – one for the month of May, the other in lieu of missing several previous months.
  • eXalos also rolled two sets of random attributes.
  • Finally, Brian rolled two sets of random attributes as well, and announced his intention to use the more favourable set to create Alfina De’Pamela, an Elf archer Ranger. He passed the stats to Tibis to work out the character creation details, as he lacks access to the Internet and thus the character creator.

Next Delve

  • Should probably be DMed by Ausomtiger or eXalos.
  • If Brian plays, should be level 1 or 2 with other players having new characters as well.
  • Otherwise, Delve should be level 3.
Session 9
The Burial Mound

The delve run in this session was an original adventure by Ausomtiger.

Date: 9 July 2011
DM: Ausomtiger
Players: Brian, Brillig, eXalos, Tibis
Characters: Alfina de Pamela, Drump, Mirame, Jonquist
Filler character: Wiz
Delve level: 4

A funeral party has gone to the village’s barrow-mound and have not returned. Members of the Adventurer’s Guild who happen to be in the area are implored to investigate their disappearance. Alfina gets a baptism of fire, being thrown into level 4 encounters while only level 1!

Encounter 1 – The woods on approach (Level 4 – 850 exp)

  • 2 Frenzied Werewolf – Level 6 Brute {250} (500 exp)
  • 2 Hungry Dire Wolves – Level 4 Skirmisher {175} (350 exp)


Encounter 2 – Outside the barrow (Level 4 – 875 exp)

  • 2 Gnoll Marauders – Level 6 Brute {250} (500 exp)
  • 3 Hyenas – Level 2 Skirmisher {125} (375 exp)


  • Two 100gp gems.
  • 80 gp cash.

Encounter 3 – Clearing the gnolls from the barrow (Level 4 – 950 exp)

  • Rendra, Gnoll Shaman – Level 8 Controller (Leader) (350 exp)
  • 2 Gnoll Huntmaster – Level 6 Artillery {200} (400 exp)
  • Deathpledged Gnoll – Level 6 Brute (200 exp)



Experience points:

  • Encounters: 2675 exp
  • Bonus: 1750 exp
  • Total: 4425 exp
  • Per character: 885 exp


  • Power Jewel: Drump
  • Belt of Lucky Strikes – Mirame
  • Jar of Steam – sold for 20gp
  • 760gp and a Potion of Healing split between Alfina de Pamela, Wiz and Jonquist
    • 220gp and the Potion of Healing to Alfina de Pamela
    • 270gp to Jonquist
    • 270gp to Wiz

Tibis’ note: the drop times of the non-cash items may be wrong. Please correct any that are.

Administrative details

  • Brillig wanted to roll some random attributes, but it was getting late, so he decided to put it off until the next session.
  • After gaining level 4, Drump acquired the Transfer Enchantment ritual and can now perform that service for other characters.
    • Drump’s fee is 2% of the enchanted item value, rounded up to the next gold piece. This is on top of the 25gp cost for ritual components and the cost of the receiving mundane item.

Next Delve

  • Will be DMed by eXalos.
  • Is likely to be on 2011-07-16.
  • Will likely also be level 4.
Session 10

The adventure in this session was an original creation by eXalos and was a follow-up to the events in Session 5.

Date: 16 July 2011
DM: eXalos
Players: Ausomtiger, Brillig, Jon, Tibis
Characters: Fez, Drump, Bester (new character) (encounters 2 and 3), Jonquist
Filler characters: Mord, Wiz (encounter 1 only)
Delve level: 4

Synopsis to be filled in later.

Encounter 1 – (Level 4 – 901 exp)

To be filled in later.

Encounter 2 – (Level 4 – 864 exp)

To be filled in later

Encounter 3 – (Level 6 – 1250 exp)

To be filled in later.


Experience points:

  • Encounters: 3015 exp
  • Bonus: 1750 exp
  • Total: 4765 exp
  • Per character: 953 exp


  • Shroud of Revival – considered Guild loot, like the Golden Carrot. Jonquist was assigned to carry it for the time being.
  • Luckbender Gloves – Mord
  • 470gp split between Bester, Drump, Fez, Jonquist.
    • 117gp to Bester
    • 117gp to Drump
    • 118gp to Fez
    • 118gp to Jonquist

Administrative Details

  • Existing characters were permitted to add a Theme now the Dragon 399 articles are integrated into the Character Builder.
  • Jon had arrived for the session during the first encounter. Bester, his Psionicist, replaced Wiz for the second and third encounters. By mutual agreement, the character received the full share of experience points and loot rather than splitting it with Wiz.
  • All players present rolled up July’s complement of random attributes in accordance with the Guidelines for Generating Random Abilities.
  • Because he had not had an opportunity to have a set of witnessed rolls before playing the character, and by mutual consent of all present, Jon was permitted to apply the most favourable set to Bester.

Next Delve

  • May well be level 1!

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