Delve Rewards

Each completed Delve will yield the following rewards:

  • Experience from the three encounters.
  • Additional experience equal to two encounters of the level of the Delve. This is to give a rapid progression of levels.
  • Any loot given by the Delve.
  • Additional loot to bring the loot distributed up to 5 treasure parcels (DMG pg 124). The DM of the Delve could choose to hand out generic magic item loot (eg “a level 5 weapon”), or specific magic item loot (eg “+2 black iron drakescale”), according to their individual style.

All experience will be divided equally between all participating characters, including Floating Characters. Individuals will track their own XP.

Players can divide loot as they wish. However, Floating Characters should always have the last choice of magic items, and it is suggested that cash be divided equally. Any cash left over after being divided up is assumed to be spent on ale and whores.

If there are magic items that are unclaimed at the end of the session, the players have two options:

  • Immediately sell the item to NPCs at 20% of it’s value, the proceeds being split equally between all participating characters.
  • Putting the item up for sale to other PCs using the PC economy rules. The proceeds from the sale is divided when the item sells.

Between Delves, it is assumed that PCs are able to return to a base town with sufficient economy to support the purchase of magic items or materials for Enchant Magic Item that they can afford.

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Delve Rewards

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