Delve Selection

If we decide to have a Delve week, players who will be attending will negotiate on the mailing list

  • Who is the DM for the session.
    • One mooted possibility for this is that the player who has the character with the highest amount of exp should take the role, to avoid having their character getting too far ahead.
  • What characters, including Floating Characters will be played.

Once the roll-call of characters has been decided, the level of the Delve will be decided in the following manner:

  • If the PCs are all of the same level, then the level of the Delve will be equal to the level of the PCs.
  • In the case of a spread of levels, the DM-elect will select a Delve level based on level-spread and party composition.
  • By mutual consent, players can opt to “raise the stakes”, requesting a Delve of a higher level than their characters might indicate.

If there are characters whose inclusion would cause an excessive level spread (suggested: 2 for Heroic, 3 for Paragon, 4 for Epic), then the group should negotiate a reasonable course of action on the mailing list (eg player uses a more level-appropriate alternate, or plays a Floating Character).

The DM can use a Delve from any source; the Dungeon Delve book, Dungeon magazine and their own deranged imagination are all good places to look.

Delve Selection

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