Floating Characters

As the point of the Delve campaign is to give us options to play a progression-based D&D campaign when we are lacking a quorum for Scales of War or HPE. Therefore it is anticipated that we will frequently have fewer than the ideal five PCs for a given Delve. To make up for this, four Floating Characters will be prepared, one for each role:

  • Defender – Brick – Human Fighter
  • Leader – Rock – Shifter Cleric
  • Striker – Mord – Half-Orc Rogue
  • Controller – Wiz – Eladrin Wizard

These characters will be given reasonably simple but effective builds, and enough of them will be brought in to a given session to bring the numbers up to five. The playing of these floating characters is to be organised as the players see fit.

They will advance in all respects like normal PCs, except they will have last choice for loot items.

In the event that the Floating Characters are outside of the level range for the week’s Delve, additional appropriate Floating Characters of the types necessary will be created.

Floating Characters

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