Loot Distribution

This is a suggested method for distributing loot. Players of a specific Delve are, of course, free to agree something different.

  • Magic items, except for potions and other consumables, should be assigned to a character who is present on the Delve in a mutually agreeable manner.
  • Potions and consumables are also to be divided up in a mutually agreeable manner, but their value is accounted for in cash division.
  • Cash is to be divided between characters who didn’t receive a magic item:
    • The base value of potions and other consumables should be added to the cash total for the Delve.
    • The cash total is divided by the number of characters who did not receive a magic item; this is the value of a cash share.
    • Each character receiving a cash share takes cash equal to the value of a cash share, less the value of any consumables they have already taken.
    • If the cash loot can’t be divided exactly equally, any odd gold coins can be rolled for.

An example:

An adventure party comprising of Agnar, Brianna, and Caleb complete a Delve which yields a +1 sword, a potion of healing, and 150gp. The three players agree Agnar should have the sword, and Caleb uses the potion in the third fight.

The value of the potion (50gp) is added to the value of the cash loot obtained, making the sum 200gp, and the value of a cash share 100gp. Brianna gets 100gp cash, and Caleb’s share is 50gp and the potion he used.

Loot Distribution

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