The Delve Campaign

Session 6

Session 6 was the level 3 arena delve that ausomtiger ran.

Encounter 1: 866 exp
Encounter 2: 875 exp
Encounter 3: 862 exp
Bonus exp: 750 exp x 2

4103 total exp, 820 exp per character

Feral Hide Armor +2 – Mirame
Fireheart Tatoo – Jonquist
2 potions of healing – Drump used one of them, Professor Chaos used the other
100gp gem
360gp cash

Brick got 186gp
Drump got 137gp
Professor Chaos got 137gp


Administrative note: the following characters gained levels this session:

Jonquist — Level 3
Drump — Level 3
Brick — Level 2
Professor Chaos — Level 3

Session 6

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