The Delve Campaign

Session 7

Session 7 was the level 2.5 “Fools Gold” module run by Brillig.

Encounter 1: 672 exp
Encounter 2: 850 exp
Encounter 3: 950 exp
Bonus exp: 1375 exp

3847 total exp, 769 exp per character

Golden Carrot (Level 5 item)
Forgemaster’s Gloves (Level 6 item)
Safewing Amulet +1 (Level 3 item)
5 – 25gp gems from Carbuncles
9gp from gnome

Mirame got 45gp
Kenni got 44gp
Mord got 45gp


Administrative note: the following characters gained levels this session:

Mirame — Level 4
Mord — Level 3

Session 7

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