The Delve Campaign

Session 8

Evicting Unwanted Squatters

This session was the adventure Orc Stronghold from the book Dungeon Delve.

DM: Tibis
Players: Ausomtiger, Brian, Brillig, eXalos
Characters: Fez, Mord (used as PC for Brian, not as a filler), Drump, Mirame
Filler character: Brick
Delve level: 3

A gang of Orc raiders has captured a small keep a few miles outside town. Its owner, a minor member of the local aristocracy, came to the Guild imploring them to send a party to evict the unwelcome squatters, in return for being able to loot any items of value they come across.

Encounter 1 – Holding Cells (Level 2 – 650 exp)

  • 2 Fire Beetles – Level 1 Brute {100} (200 exp)
  • 3 Orc Raiders – Level 3 Skirmisher {150} (450 exp)


  • A 100gp ruby secreted in the hollowed-out boot heel of a dead Half-Elf prisoner.

Encounter 2 – Banquet Hall (Level 4 – 915 exp)

  • Orc Berserker – Level 4 Brute (175 exp)
  • 10 Orc Drudges – Level 4 Minion {44} (440 exp)
  • Orc Eye of Gruumsh – Level 5 Controller (Leader) (200 exp)
  • False Floot Pit (Trap) – Level 1 Warder (100 exp)


Encounter 3 – The Barracks (Level 6 – 1250 exp)

  • Orc Chieftain – Level 8 Elite Brute (Leader) (700 exp)
  • 2 Orc Berserkers – Level 4 Brute {175} (350 exp)
  • Dire Wolf – Level 5 Skirmisher (200 exp)



Experience points:

  • Encounters: 2815 exp
  • Bonus: 1500 exp
  • Total: 4315 exp
  • Per character: 863 exp


  • +2 Finemail – Fez
  • +1 Longspear of Great opportunity – Brick
  • 590gp split between Drump, Mord and Mirame:
    • 196gp to Mirame
    • 197gp to Drump
    • 197gp to Mord

DM’s note: this session was a little light on cash loot as bonus cash parcels weren’t accounted for.

Administrative details

  • Ausomtiger rolled two sets of random attributes – one for the month of May, the other in lieu of missing several previous months.
  • eXalos also rolled two sets of random attributes.
  • Finally, Brian rolled two sets of random attributes as well, and announced his intention to use the more favourable set to create Alfina De’Pamela, an Elf archer Ranger. He passed the stats to Tibis to work out the character creation details, as he lacks access to the Internet and thus the character creator.

Next Delve

  • Should probably be DMed by Ausomtiger or eXalos.
  • If Brian plays, should be level 1 or 2 with other players having new characters as well.
  • Otherwise, Delve should be level 3.


Administrative note: the following characters gained levels this session:

Fez — Level 4
Brick — Level 3

Session 8

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