The Delve Campaign

Simple Rescue Mission

Time to rescue the dragon from the princess again.

The 1st level party is hired to vist Baroness Kazul for an important mission. Upon arrival they discover that the Baroness is an ancient red dragon, who has had an egg stolen by her princess Cimorene.

They found a note in her quarters stating that the egg should be taken to a remote tower. Upon arrival at the tower they find that it is guarded by several levels of undead.

Encounter 1: The Baroness
CR 30 Solo Ancient Red Dragon (the party decided to treat this as non-combat).

Encounter 2: Tower level 1
2 Skeletal archers Level 2, 125 xp each
2 zombies Level 2, 125 xp each.

Encounter 3: Tower level 2
2 Skeleton Warriors, level 3 150 XP each
1 Troop Captain, Elite level 3 300 XP

Encounter 4:
Wave 1:
5 Human bandits, Level 2 125 XP each
1 Mage Wight Level 3, 150 XP

Wave 2
2 Human bandits, Level 2 125 XP each
1 Human mage, Level 4, 175 XP

At the end the party discovers that Cimerone had stolen the baby dragon to perform a ritual to gain control of it. The ritual involved the party killing a bunch of undead and then being killed in turn. At the end CImerone surrenders and is returned to Kazul, along with the baby dragon. Kazul forgives the princes (after all it shows initiative) and pays the party 2500 GP.

Kazul & Cimerone along with the dragon having willing princesses are references to the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede. The personalities and situations are otherwise different.


Administrative note: the following characters gained levels this session:

Kridik — Level 2
Crina — Level 2
Morgana — Level 2

Simple Rescue Mission

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