The Delve Campaign

Session 10


The adventure in this session was an original creation by eXalos and was a follow-up to the events in Session 5.

Date: 16 July 2011
DM: eXalos
Players: Ausomtiger, Brillig, Jon, Tibis
Characters: Fez, Drump, Bester (new character) (encounters 2 and 3), Jonquist
Filler characters: Mord, Wiz (encounter 1 only)
Delve level: 4

Synopsis to be filled in later.

Encounter 1 – (Level 4 – 901 exp)

To be filled in later.

Encounter 2 – (Level 4 – 864 exp)

To be filled in later

Encounter 3 – (Level 6 – 1250 exp)

To be filled in later.


Experience points:

  • Encounters: 3015 exp
  • Bonus: 1750 exp
  • Total: 4765 exp
  • Per character: 953 exp


  • Shroud of Revival – considered Guild loot, like the Golden Carrot. Jonquist was assigned to carry it for the time being.
  • Luckbender Gloves – Mord
  • 470gp split between Bester, Drump, Fez, Jonquist.
    • 117gp to Bester
    • 117gp to Drump
    • 118gp to Fez
    • 118gp to Jonquist

Administrative Details

  • Existing characters were permitted to add a Theme now the Dragon 399 articles are integrated into the Character Builder.
  • Jon had arrived for the session during the first encounter. Bester, his Psionicist, replaced Wiz for the second and third encounters. By mutual agreement, the character received the full share of experience points and loot rather than splitting it with Wiz.
  • All players present rolled up July’s complement of random attributes in accordance with the Guidelines for Generating Random Abilities.
  • Because he had not had an opportunity to have a set of witnessed rolls before playing the character, and by mutual consent of all present, Jon was permitted to apply the most favourable set to Bester.

Next Delve

  • May well be level 1!


Administrative note: the following characters gained levels this session:

Drump — Level 5
Mord — Level 4

Session 10

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